• As an entrepreneur joining the program, you will uplift an existing entrepreneur in the program with a onetime capital support of $20.
  • You will then start earning 25% Of every capital support from any new entrepreneur you referred to the program. Not only will you earn from the entrepreneurs you directly referred but you also earn 15% from your indirect referrals, that is entrepreneurs in your circle that you didn't Invite by yourself.
  • Every entrepreneur have a strength rating which grows as your entrepreneurship income grows. This is calculated to $100 Income per strength rating. After completing each strength rating the system automatically Saves 20% of your earnings to intervention funds before moving to next phase.
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Getting Started

Below are the steps you need to get started. It's as simple as your name.

Register To Build An Entrepreneur

Every Entrepreneur must have the spirit good team spirit and willingness to support one another to build a financial freedom community.

Make A One-time Capital Support Of $20 (Dollars)

The capital support made will be used to empower young entrepreneurs, to grow and build their business.

Grow your entrepreneurship strength

Your earning depends on numbers of people in your team, this includes direct and indirect referrals.


The Earning Illustrations

For instance, you Referred only 5 potential entrepreneurs to the program, you will earn $25, when those 5 people earn $25, you will earn $75. When those 5 people earn $75 each, you will earn $375., When the 5 people again earn $375 each, you will earn $1875, When the 5 of them earn $1875 each, you will earn $9375 Making total earnings up to $11725 When you invite only 5 people and they all earn $1875 each.

So the more you invite the more you earn, to grow your business. It's possible to earn up to $50000 or even more depending on the number of people you invite and how active they are because their activeness will influence your strength rating.

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